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Looking for a location full of character and ambiance for your creative social corporate events? 

Here are several spaces at The Courtyard for hire.

Courtyard Venues Hire Profile

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Courtyard Garden

700 sqm of green, sunlit and serene outdoor area, which can be converted to an air controlled indoor space by a tent & tensile structure.

The blue-tiled water channel, flowing water and the greenery make the charming courtyard (10 m x 70 m) flanked on either side by different facades, composed of numerous components salvaged from around the UAE, cleverly repurposed and narrating the story of the city.

Total Arts Gallery

MAIN HALL on ground floor is about 500 sqm and 10m height charming space decorated with hand painted finishing and artistic ornaments.

EXHIBITION SPACE on the mezzanine floor comprises of a L-shaped raw space of 530 sqm.

East West Atelier

A super bright and airy room (200 sqm) of 15 m high white dome ceiling with massive windows on either side overlooking the garden.

Pop-Up Rooms

Two charming rooms, (30 sqm & 20 sqm), each has its direct entrance from the garden and perfect set up for smaller and more intimate presentation and showcase.

Courtyard Playhouse

Two theaters, each has a beautiful stage, plush seating, and are fitted with professional lighting, audio and video equipment, perfect for theatrical productions and creative projects as well as corporate events with a difference.

MAIN AUDITORIUM (61 Red theatre seats/ 24 Bean Bags), 500 x 700 cm sprung wooden stage & 360 cm Projector screen

IMPROV STUDIO (25 Red theatre seats/10 additional maroon chairs), 825 x 400 cm wooden sprung stage, 400cm Projector screen

ACTORS’ STUDIO: 464 x 825 cm workshop space

The Studio

The 2 spacious purpose-built studios are available to hire for photo shoots, castings, rehearsals, workshops or events.

STUDIO 1 (1585 x 1370 cm & 10 m Height) has a fully fitted, functional modern kitchen, Lounge area, floating ceiling, large infinity cove and extensive lighting


STUDIO 2 (457 x 610 cm) has a ceiling rig with Profoto lights and an infinity curve as well as natural light, suitable for portraits, small product shoots or family photo-shoots.


The Courtyard team is happy to assist with


The Courtyard has in-house F&B concepts to curate the preferred menu and accommodate your food and beverage needs.


The Studio can cater to all your need for video & photography.



The Courtyard team offers third parties partners once a venue booking is confirmed.



Art of Guitar’s array of musicians could tune-up with the theme of your event to make it even more effective and memorable.

Courtyard Venues Hire Profile

Click Here to View the PDF

Floor plan

Courtyard map.jpg
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