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A pioneer on the Dubai Art Scene

Total Arts is one of the first dedicated spaces to art in Dubai and the first gallery in the Al Quoz Industrial area. Established in 1992, Total Arts exhibits works of art from a variety of cultures and continents. The gallery specializes in Middle Eastern arts and aims to discover and expose new artists, as well as enrich the culture of the UAE.

Evolving with the city and growth of art in Dubai and with the emergence of other commercial galleries around, Total Arts moved away from a commercially focused gallery to an interdisciplinary space for learning, collaborating and experimenting. 

An “in-between space” which develops and grows with each exhibition and will lend itself to curators and collectors to learn, teach and work together.

Total Arts relocated to the Courtyard after the inauguration of the building in 1998. Courtyard is an artistic hub, which builds on various architectural traditions and sits at the heart of Dubai’s warehouse district. The Courtyard's concept was to create a viable multidisciplinary community center, which houses a variety of functions, exhibitions and cultural activities of all types including music, films, lectures, and cultural shows.

Since the opening of the Courtyard in 1998, the area has changed significantly and many galleries and art studios have now established themselves or relocated to the neighborhood, which has flourished in recent years to become an artistic and cultural hub.

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Flower Power/A New Day

The hippy flower children in the 1960’s and 1970’s protested and demonstrated their power softly and passively in the manner of their hero Gandhi (the Babaji of Indian independence). This exhibition is also about that sort of resistance and power and at the same time about the Sufi power of love. Love being the subtext of all life and understanding. The exhibition coincides with the celebration of the Persian new year, otherwise known as NOW ROUZ, a non-religious celebration.

Unheard Voices by Ranim AlHalaky

A collaboration with Total Arts, Hamzat Wasl and 1971 - Design Space. Unheard Voices is a series of poetry installations by the U.A.E based artist/designer Ranim AlHalaky. The installation aims to transform voices into visuals within a space and context where it focuses on the use of Arabic typography, using the Nastaliq style as visual forms in different mediums to express a poetic verse in an experiential form. Unheard Voices builds a setting and hence an experience to its audience.


Sheikh Zayed Road 

Al Quoz Industrial 1

Street 4b/Street 6


8 am - 7 pm, every day


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