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Hamzat Wasl Studio

a unique glottal stop in Arabic

/hamzat-al-wasl/ is a unique glottal stop in Arabic – a connection between what comes before to what comes after. Founded in 2017 by curator and artist Hind Bin Demaithan, Hamzat Wasl is an art and design management studio based in Dubai and Cairo. The multidisciplinary studio primarily operates as a go-between, matchmaking creatives with projects from organisations, government entities, and self-initiated programmes. Driven by the aim of fostering a community of creatives and encouraging collaborations, Hamzat Wasl offers in-house design and art services, consultancy, community programmes and commissions, all under one roof. Since its inception, the studio has worked with a number of government agencies including the Ministry of Culture and Youth and Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, as well as commercial commissions with Tiffany & Co. and Dubai Design Week.

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