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Art & Community Center

The Courtyard is located in the Al Quoz Industrial area of Dubai. The Courtyard houses an art gallery, a theatre with a 70-seat capacity, coffee & juice bar, an incubator business center, a bistro, flower boutique, unique home accessories and gift shop, printing, film and photography studios and spaces for interior designers and artists.


Al Quoz is home to numerous factories and workshops. Since the opening of the Courtyard in 1998, the area has changed significantly and many galleries and art studios have now established themselves here or relocated to the neighborhood, which has flourished in recent years to become an artistic and cultural hub.

The Courtyard's concept was to create a viable multidisciplinary community center, which could house a variety of functions, exhibitions and cultural activities in a city that is home to many different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. It was created to be a place for people to meet, interact and learn about each other while engaging in art and culture.


Two gates face two main roads, between them a long courtyard flanked on either side by ten buildings with different facades, showcasing the architecture of the Gulf. This makes up the core of the Courtyard. The buildings themselves are composed of numerous other components salvaged over the last 25 years by the architect, Dariush Zandi from around the UAE and the Gulf, now cleverly repurposed and perfectly preserved in their new home.


The Courtyard narrates the story of Dubai itself, its society and culture in an abstract language created by inspirational architecture gated by façades of steel and glass. The Courtyard seeks to act as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and provide a gateway to art and culture.

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