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%100 natural and ethically sourced rose products Cosmetic. Culinary. Ceremonial

HOUSE OF ROSE is an initiative to celebrate the shared heritage of rose craftsmanship. It is a platform for artisans and craftsmen from around the world to showcase their handmade, ethically-sourced rose products.

It also aims to present people with an opportunity to discover a millennial treasury of medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic practices. By building bridges between people and rose makers in villages such as Qamsar from the Kashan region in Iran or Qsarnaba from the Bekaa valley in Lebanon, House of Rose creates an awareness of Rose products and opens doors to fair-minded trade opportunities. HOUSE OF ROSE is a step towards the empowerment, protection, and preservation of rose crafts in less fortunate areas; it hopes to offer a helping hand to support rose craftsmen in the hardship of their task. Meeting point of joy and of passion, it allows rose artisans, producers and amateurs to gather, share ideas, practices, methods and bring perhaps a new spirit to their art.

HOUSE OF ROSE is a passionate project risen from and inspired by nature. Deeply rooted in cultures and traditions, it is an attempt to flow in the gentleness of a rose trail, a desire to spread a little fragrance into today’s life.

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