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4/18/2014 8:24:45 PM
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March 06, 2014
March 2014: THE THREAD
Maryam Ashkanian, Epitome, 120 x120 cm, Sewing on Fabric, 2013

Total Arts at the Courtyard is pleased to present:
17 March – 25 April 2014
Artists: Maryam Ashkanian, Soodeh Bagheri, and Cecilia Monero- Yaghoubi

The Thread presents works by three female artists who incorporate stitching and thread as prominent features in the concept and structure of their work. The show includes small two-dimensional pieces and larger-scale installations by Maryam Ashkanian, Soodeh Bagheri and Cecilia Monero- Yaghoubi, with the th[more..]

March 07, 2014
Nov 2013: Journey to Yemen

November 18 – December 19, 2013
Selection of photographs from a collaborative project “Yemen: Treasure Trove” realized in 2009 with participation of 11 photographs and a filmmaker among them: Samar Jodha, Kamran Jebreili, Jason Larkin, Katarina Premfors, Manuel Salazar, Simone Santi, Souheil Semaan, Dariush Zandi and a film maker Nader Bagherpour
Yemen, a fertile and wealthy land, is a country with over 7000 years of history that to this day maintains its distinct character. The w[more..]

March 07, 2014
January 2014: Khor Dubai, where the city started

Total Arts in association with Architectural Heritage Society of UAE and Dubai Municipality present an exhibition and lecture outlining different aspects of life along the Dubai Creek.
Notwithstanding the impressive growth of Modern Dubai for tens of kilometers along the seashore, the creek has remained the very "heart" of the city. Along the creek and the seashore are still found the traditional boat-building areas where large wooden boats are built, restored and maintained by skille[more..]

March 08, 2014
December lecture: Seascape Urbanism for the 21 Century
In association with Architecture Heritage Society of UAE, Courtyard hosts a lecture by Dr. Samia Rab :
Seascape Urbanism for the 21 Century on Monday 23rd Dec, 2013 at 7.15pm
“Designing within a valued urban context is essentially an act of historical criticism…. Architects of today have the responsibility to produce buildings that fit within their context (physically, socially, historically, environmentally) and still speak of our own time.” Samia Rab, Middle East Architect, jan 2008 [more..]

March 10, 2014
September 2013: On the brink of change

The exhibition includes painting, drawing, photographic work and objects by seven artists creating collective space of very personal narrative of each one of the artists embedded in variety of style and medium.

The Monsters & Horses of Mehdi Ahmadi have the strong existence in his world; transmit through the history and legendry stories and repositioning them in a present setting.
Zubin Amiri’s abstracted forms are placed on the sand paper, the material related to his day-to-[more..]


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